Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Old cars by SAAB

When we were small, we had a car exactly like this one. It is funny how the mind works, suddenly I remember details like the chromed list, the window scraper on the frontlights that moved side to side, the shape of the door handles. LS, what is your memory?

Both these cars are standing in a backyard not far from my house.

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LS said...

Oh, I remember these very well, one after another. First we had a white (or light beige one), then a red one, kind of dark red. This was probably from 1970 to 1977 or something. I remember the handle on the back door, you had to turn it, something you see on no cars today.

The back area had a seat you could fold up in it, so you could pack another three kids in the car that were sitting in the back looking out the back windows. Very unsafe, but fun.

I also remember the wipers on the lights in the front, very innovative.

I never drove our SAABs, by the time I got my license we had the Ford Taurus, silver and giant (I felt at the time, but of course it was probably smaller than many cars today). I remember not liking the Ford much. I wish we had a little preppy SAAB instead, but I think we sold out SAAB to my uncle (who later upgraded to the cousin's old SAAB 900).