Tuesday, June 12, 2012

red Stockholm memories

In April AREA and I visited Stockholm with OK during a few gloomy and sometimes sunny or snowy-rainy days, and had a wonderful time.  Here are some quick snapshots of memorable things we saw.  (click on the photos for larger versions)

the ketchup shelves are larger in Sweden than in USA
Swedish kids love ketchup.  It goes on everything, mashed potatoes, meatballs, hot dogs, burgers, macaroni, spaghetti, etc.

red umbrella street art
Another red thing to inspire in gray April.  I don't know who made this red umbrella art installation, but it was great to see. Reminded me of Christo's work. (There are more photos of this on Flickr)

Keep calm and have a juice?!
Unfortunately the great World War II poster from England has now just become a commercial marketing gimmick.

western and eastern medicine meets
East meets West.  In the same office as the regular Swedish healthcare clinic (Vardcentralen) is the Traditional Chinese Medicine office.

Big bag construction recycling deposit
Construction debris is recycled along the streets in giant orange bags that are lifted up and emptied in special trucks.

typical Stockholm apartment building
A very typical building with apartments in Stockholm.  Maybe built around 1930-40, maybe earlier?


PP said...

Marketing gimmick...I know its like having multiple and different colored tassels on your hat at graduation.

LS said...

Silly - tassels don't sell anything. OK, it is marketing, but not for a commercial product :)