Thursday, June 21, 2012

Reason not to go into politics

At the grad "exercises"(their term) last night it was suggested one pursuit was to go into politics.
I submit this picture of Sen D. Stabenow of Michigan as one very good reason to avoid it.
Do you really want your picture, looking like this, to be on the internet or anywhere else?

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LS said...

Hehe - but you don't have to be a politician to have an unflattering photo on the internet.

And, I would love for more smart people to get into politics for the right reason, to make a better world, instead of selfish reasons...

What bothered me at the graduation speeches last night was the notion that success was only mentioned in ways such as making money, finding the cure for cancer, become a famous politician, or innovate some new software or something. What about all the nurses, teachers, firemen, workers, homemakers, farmers... success should be anything that makes the world better for everybody, and you start local, wherever you are. Why do we all have to aspire to become famous and rich!?

There is nothing heroic in famous or rich. A real hero is a parent wiping kid puke of the floor, a farmer battling drought, a scientist that doesn't give up when the research dollars dries up, a teacher that care even when the students don't always care, and anybody that is trying to do the right, positive thing as much as possible.