Sunday, March 25, 2012

Stamp of the Day: Waffle Day in Sweden

 Today is Vårfrudagen ("Vår Fru" means our lady, and also Spring Lady, so this is an old Catholic remnant), in Sweden, and this has been changed int he public's eye and ear into Waffle Day (Våffeldagen, sounds similar). Swedes love waffles!  So, we had almond waffles for breakfast.  Homemade, served with yoghurt, locally boiled maple syrup, fresh strawberries from California, blackberries from Chile (I think), and homemade rhubarb and strawberry jam.  Very good, and thank you spring lady!

This day celebrates the day when archangel Gabriel told Maria that she was pregnant with Jesus so it happens every year 9 months before Christmas Day, = March 25, each year. In English this seems to be called "The Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary".

Stamp from Sweden showing a piece of a waffle served with cloudberries ('hjortron', Rubus chamaemorus).

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EH said...

Gottigott, vi åt också våfflor!