Sunday, March 18, 2012

OK snapshot food review: Pizza Anonymous

[LS is blogging this restaurant report on behalf of OK, just to make you all confused. A while ago, OK found this note below stuck to a door, without a sign, but somehow indicating that there probably was a pizza place behind that door. Now the place has been visited. So, here is OK's snapshot report from the anonymous pizza place in Stockholm, Sweden.]

Menu (in Swedish. tomat = tomato; oliver = olives; skinka = ham; surkål = sauerkraut; champinjoner = mushrooms; sardeller = anchovy; aubergine = eggplant; lufttorkad = airdried; ask about the rest in the comments if you want to know more)

So JU and I went to that nameless pizzeria with the strange sign tonight, and it was very good. Unfortunately they were out of the sauerkraut and timmerman sausage-pizza, so I ended up with the buffalo mozzarella and dried entrecôte pizza.
 JU had the buffalo mozzarella, bayonne ham and mushroom pizza. 

JU also had the dessert pizza with apples, jam and stuff... You can have a three course meal there, all pizzas!
 Some say that you can judge a place by their bathroom. I'm not sure what this tells you...hehe. 

Another interior pic from the bathroom. Nice lightning.

So all in all, I'll say it was an e on a scale to pi. 

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