Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bits and pieces on the internet: itchy edition

Fossil discovery: Giant fleas from the Jurassic, that might have sucked blooded from dinosaurs (NY Times). How about meeting some of these 2 cm long creatures on the inside of your wool sweater?

Some of the Republican presidential contenders appear to want to live in a different century.  Like the 1800's or something. This is both sad and upsetting. (NY Times opinion piece by Charles Blow)

Did you know cashmere comes from goats?  And angora from rabbits? So, why are people OK with wearing the hairs from goats and rabbits, but not eating them? Eating the meat, not the hairs, I mean.

Itchy poison ivy doesn't let a simple fence stop it.  In fact, it enforces it and makes it its own fence.

So, what are you readers itching about?


Sarah said...

I like the tree lobsters better than the giant fleas!
I have limited NYTimes access so I haven't clicked on the link about the Republican candidates, but I have been reading other news and watching plenty of Daily Show so I've been filled in on their crazytalk. Fortunately we have this nice little thing called the Constitution which would prohibit many of the reforms they want, but it's still not something I want my government spending time and money on!

LS said...

Hi Sarah - I agree with you on the lobsters vs. fleas. I rather have non-blood sucking animals.

I believe that if you click on NY Times links in blogs you can read any articles that are linked from outside. They limit the number you can read from within the paper.