Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Swedish food: Falukorv

Inbäddad Falukorv, originally uploaded by Cayene.
In Sweden there is a long, light pink sausage called Falukorv encased in red plastic, and it is commonly used as a major dinner ingredient. It tastes kind of like bologna, and should be cooked before eaten (but I know several weekend campers who gave up trying to light a fire or camping stove and ate it raw without dying from it).

When I grew up we had this sausage made in three versions.
1) you slice it into 1/4 inch slices and panfry it, and serve with mashed potatoes and ketchup.
2) you cut it into 1/4 inch thick sticks and make something called 'sausage stroganoff' with it, including lots of ketchup and cream.
3) you keep it whole, but slice it 2/3rds through and put slices of apples, onions and cheese into the cuts, and then bake in the oven. Ketchup and more cheese is good on top!

Both 1 and 2 were served as lunch food in the public schools.

I don't really miss falukorv here in the US, and for me this is real childhood food. And yes, there was lots of ketchup when I grew up. Next week we will go on to another Swedish childhood food - blood pudding.

Photo 'Inbäddad Falukorv' =Embedded Falu Sausage (copyright Cayene on Flickr).


EH said...

Actually LS, the sausage is boiled before it is sold, so it is absolutely safe to eat it "raw" without cooking first.
This sausage is an emulsion sausage with fats and meat mixed together in a meat mill, chilled with ice. After that filled into skins and cooked.
And it´s really good.

Looking forward to the blodpudding, my kids love it! I eat it too, maybe a little less entustiastic. I actually bought fresh made a few weeks back, made from fresh blood, instead of the regular one made from dried blood.

LS said...

Aha - boiled, I think I knew that. Good. But maybe still not so good if you have been carrying it in your backpack for a whole hot day :)

How was the fresh blood pudding?

Sarah said...

This kind of reminds me of Taylor ham, the New Jersey delicacy. Also good with ketchup!

LS said...

Taylor ham - I have never heard of it! I have to look that up.

PP said...

just bring some home.. I love it!

LS said...

So, I brought some Taylor ham home. It comes in a white tight fabric casing, and looks very old-fashioned (1950s). For breakfast this morning PP fried up a slice for me.

My first thought after the first bite was 'oh, so salty'. It was OK, but no falukorv. The texture is much denser, more chewy, more coarse, and more salty.

Falukorv is creamier, and probably has less real meat in it. But, it was fun to try a new thing!