Sunday, January 8, 2012

The December that didn't become winter, and a historic weather year

Last year, 2011, was weather-wise a not very wise year in New Jersey.

We had snow storms, ice storms, rain storms, hurricanes,

Result: The third warmest year on record, and the wettest year ever (since 1895).  In our township we had 71.92 inches of precipitation, that is 1826.768 mm (for you used to the more smart SI system, and I never really got into the inch-thing anyway). That explains all the horribly flooding, including the water in our basement.

Those of you that don't believe in global warming and that it might be influenced by your cars and living style - how about you spend some time in a flooded or icestuck place for a while?  It is real, it is here, it is happening right now! 

Here are some weather related photos from 2011... lets hope for a more 'lagom' year this year:

After Hurricane Irene - another tree down, silver maple

Snowstorm of October 2011, New Jersey

sugar maple in truck bed: Snowstorm of October 2011, New Jersey

tracks on road

ice on laundry rack

nasty road

Update: here is a good link to the warmest winter so far ever in the northern hemisphere.

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