Thursday, January 5, 2012

A new word learned: Linkrot

I just saw a new word, and one that makes immediate sense: LINKROT

This is when old web pages and other things online eventually have many non-working links because the pages it links to have changed through time.  The web is in flux, it is not a constant thing, like pages in a book.  So the links rot away, with time, like a dead tree in the forest. 


Katie H said...

And here I was, reading it in swedish... Linkrot, like linkroot. Thought it led from something, if not to. On another note, börs and purse are both of the same origin, just looked it up today!

LS said...

Languages certainly are interesting Katie. I think börs and purse are related to Latin, it is called 'bursa' in Latin, for example the species Capsella bursa-pastoris - the pastor's purse (or lomme, in Swedish).

Vanessa L.Slavens said...
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