Monday, April 25, 2011

Hand-grown avocados

A full-page ad in the most recent Saveur food magazine advertises the 'hand-grown' avocados of a company in California.  Now, last I checked, plants grow by themselves, and they don't add cell walls and have cell divisions because a machine or human make those... the plant is growing independently.  The company also states that all trees were 'hand-planted'.  Now, does that mean that each hole was hand-dug?  Or that each tree was lowered by hand into the hole?  Or that each tree got a nice hug after being put in the soil?  Handmade is one thing, that is something made by hand.  But hand-grown?  What is that really? Just a new buzzword to fool us into buying their fruits because they sound more natural, local, and true to nature?  You know, the fruits could also be hand-sprayed with pesticides.  Who knows. The only thing I know is that for a company to afford a full-page ad in Saveur it can't be a little family farm where each fruit tree gets individual attention, by hand or otherwise.

Those were my own hand-thought thoughts of the day.  Now I am going to go and sleep by hand. No machines involved at all.  And soon my hands will be all hands-off this computer and I will be reading partly hands-free in bed. 

Haha - just found this.  Handgrown in California is an ad campaign from the California Avocado Association. And in 2009, over 440 000 pounds (that is about 200 000 kg) pesticides were used on California-grown avocados (see link here).


GC85 said...

Thank you!!! I just saw this on a table top ad for avacodos and thought the same thing........ Really, what does "Hand Grown" mean???

Mike Sederholm said...

Hello there - I always thought "Hand Grown in California" was a marketing ploy to get us Californians to buy avocados grown in our state (rather than those grown in Mexico). I'm kind of surprised they'd use this slogan in places outside of California.

Anyway, just a random comment from a random person who accidentally found your blog post.