Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring must have sprung today

OK, spring is here finally in my mind and for real in New Jersey, even if there will be a late April snowstorm.  I am sitting outside at a table at an open square in Princeton (using the Princeton Library's fantastic free wireless network), and it is 68 degrees or so (that is 18 degrees in Swedish numbers).  Warm soft air, pretty lights on trees, laptop on park table, and a couple of tables away a guitarist is playing the most amazing instrumental pieces, just for fun.  Wait, it is a guitarist and a banjoist.  Someone is eating grilled fish at the Witherspoon Grill, I can smell it. Kids are running around in shorts and T-shirts, laughing; people are sitting outside restaurants having dinner and a glass of wine.  No stars above because we are waiting for heavy rains tomorrow, which hopefully will help our newly moved perennials take off with new roots and growth.  Life is lovely.  Or as I read earlier tonight in a photo in a library book: 

Life is wonderful.
Reclaim the Awe. 

I agree 100%.  We should all reclaim the awe.  And not overuse the word awesome (which I am guilty of, just as most teenagers of today, but that fad will pass too).

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