Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Stamp of the Day: Gravlax

In honor of the poor trout that died from mosquitoes sucking their brain juices (see post below), here is a Swedish stamp of the making of the Swedish salmon dish 'gravlax' or 'gravad lax'.  That means 'buried salmon', and lax and loks are of course the same word.  You take two salmon fillets, with the skin on, mix a rather large amount of salt, sugar, and spices together (including dill), stuff the spice mix between the fillets and put it all in a plastic bag.  Into the fridge, turned a few times over the next few days, then take out, rinse, and cut fish into thin slices and eat!  Mmmmm....  I suggest you follow a real recipe though so you get the right amount of salt, sugar and fish, to get it really cured.  We always had this for Christmas and it was a luxury dish when I grew up, and one of my favorites.  It was served with grandma's homemade mustard-dill-sauce.  It is really easy to make this so try it.

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