Saturday, January 29, 2011

Winter, winter, more winter

It is snowing again in NJ, large aggregated snowflakes that drip down slowly from the sky.  The cats are lower than the depth of the snow, so they use our shoveled paths to get around (to bird feeder, compost, barn with firewood, and basement...)- severely restricted pathways compared to their usual garden wanderings.  A deer lept through our yard and left deep double tracks over 1.5 m (=yards) apart.  Winterwonderland out there, so unusual, and reminds me of Swedish winter landscapes.

The cats hang out in their new cat houses, homebuilt and homedesigned by PP and with real cedar shingles on them. They are spoiled rotten with attention, hot water to drink and hot water bottles at night :)

homemade cathouses

A cat house.

our walkway
Our walkway to the cars from the house.  I know, you have it like this in Sweden all the time, but 30+ cm snow overnight is less usual here.  And even less usual is that it seems to be staying and not melting away quickly.

Ella in snow

Ella in snow. 


EH said...

Ella looks wonderful in the snow!!
We have none of your weather, the snow is melting here. I long for some soft fresh snow instead of hard dirty snow. We´ll have winter for some more months so I suppose snow will come our way. Beautiful pictures, LS

Sarah said...

Lovely pictures!