Friday, January 21, 2011

On a snowy morning like this...

marigolds in early morning, originally uploaded by Vilseskogen.
...when another 10 cm of snow fell overnight here in New Jersey, it is easy to dream about green foliage and colorful flowers, scented leaves, and rich dirt... This photo of marigolds (Tagetes) is from Wij's gardens (Wij trädgårdar) in Sweden, a wonderful place to visit. More on that fantastic place soon...

Tagetes is one of those flowers I don't really like because of the smell, but the smell is insect-repellent and keeps nasty bugs away. The insecticide pyrethrum comes from a related plant in the sunflower family.

I also haven't liked orange a lot before, at least not in manmade things, but that is changing... I probably had my overdose of orange and brown in the 1970s.  Orange has had a huge comeback the last five years. Only the Fiskars scissors stayed orange the whole time through.  In design these days, there is orange everywhere. Fabrics, logotype, webs design (just look at Blogger buttons, for example).  In a planting like this, with hundreds of Tagetes together, orange flowers can be really gorgeous. 

I wonder what other color will soon have a comeback.  Mustard yellow? Brown? Cobalt blue? Fire engine red?

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