Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A white day in New Jersey

I woke up to a quiet world in white, just with some windy drifts of snow, but otherwise white, white.  Schools closed, and not many cars out.  Went for a walk down to the old bridge and met a few cars, otherwise just me, bluejays and some woodpeckers, and the sun on the snow and wind shifting snow off tree branches.  Here are some photos of our winter wonderland in New Jersey.

snowed in mailbox
Even the mailboxes were snowed in.
round barn
Round barn.
bridge over Rock Brook
Rock Brook bridge.
snowy field
Fences and fields.
Just plain snow.

And right now, 49 of the 50 states in USA have snow at least in some places, even Hawaii. Over 70% of the land is white. The loner without snow is Florida, so it is an amazing winter.

In Europe, it is hotter, because Etna, the volcano in Italy, decided to start to spout out lava today (EH has web cam photos, hat tip to her for finding out first.)


EH said...

I follow the blog Eruptions at Big think, a great way to learn more about volcanism. Great community of followers on this blog too. Recommended!

Sarah said...

What beautiful photos! It makes me homesick!