Thursday, January 6, 2011

Once a long while ago...

breakfast, originally uploaded by istolethetv.
...I was in Hilo in Hawaii, and I had to try the local breakfast favorite, loco moco. It is served at every diner and fast food place as THE Hawaiian thing, and it is THE Hawaiian thing, based on American food culture mixed with Japanese. There has been a large historical immigration from Japan to Hawaii.

So, the loco moco - you take some cooked rice and dump it on a plate or in a bowl. Add some kind of rather unhealthy grilled meat on top (SPAM is what I had, you can have sausage or hamburger meat too). Dump some brown gravy on that (for Swedes, that is 'brun sås'). And then one or two fried eggs on top of that. Healthy? Not. Good? Depends. I am not such a spam freak but it was OK.

(This is not my photo, istoletheTV took it, thanks for letting us borrow it from your Flickr account.)

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