Monday, August 30, 2010

The rolling rocking Rockies

Not rock n' roll, but yes, really rock and roll in the real sense. Rocks everywhere - tall mountains made of bedrock, beds and beds of igneous, metamorphosed, and sedimented rock lifted, tilted, shifted, warped and folded into thousand meter tall mountain chains.  I have run out of linguistic superlatives to describe the Rocky Mountains - magnificent, spectacular, amazing, enormous, OMG, incredible, fantastic... and it still feels like I don't give this place justice.  Just go to Colorado and see it yourselves, and prepare to become speechless....

Red Mountain

Red Mountain, filled with iron (and yes, that mountain is probably around 14 000 feet, the tallest mountain in Sweden is about 6 000 feet for comparison). This photo is not photoshopped.

million dollar highway
Million dollar highway, built maybe a hundred years ago, and still narrow, bent out of shape, and scary. And fun. And pretty.

mountain meadow
Mountain meadows everywhere. Gorgeousness abound.

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