Saturday, August 14, 2010

Roadtripping... part 2: Rhode Island

Bear Mountain Bridge over the Hudson River
Driving across Bear Mountain Bridge in New York State, which crosses the Hudson River north of New York.  Great bridge, horrible driving directions from Google Map.  The trip from New Jersey to Rhode Island took me several hours longer than necessary. But the weather was gorgeous.

ceiling of the Biltmore Grand Ballroom

The old, historic Biltmore hotel has its Grand Ballroom on the 17th floor, and seems to be a relic of the gilded past. The views are grand, the plates have golden edges, and the AC was turned on too high so we froze. But it was fun! Especially when they auctioned off two 2 feet (60 cm) long penis-protectors made from gourds by natives from New Guinea, signed by the previous owner. The gourds were signed, I mean.

check your eyesight, which number?

In Providence you can have your eyes checked on the street without any fees. Guess what street number this clinic has?

summer storm at Point Judith, Rhode Island

On our way home from Rhode Island we decided to check out the ocean shore. That didn't really worked like we had planned. We were met by a giant thunderstorm with fierce rain at Point Judith lighthouse so we didn't even get out of the car. Half an hour later the sun shined again, but then we were on our way again. Rhode Island's coast is rocky, like most of Sweden's, and not the sandy, muddy mess we have along New Jersey. Rocks are better.

More photos from Rhode Island here.
sweet potato fries
They have great sweet potato fries in Connecticut.

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