Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rapport från en skurhink (Report from a cleaning bucket)

Yesterday evening. 95 degrees heat and high humidity. No air conditioning downstairs in the house. Nice dinner with pasta primavera. After dinner - finds out toilet downstairs have overflowed sometime during the day, nobody noticed. It was bad, really bad. Start to clean up, soon realize that the toilet drain is leaking under the floor and isn't just blocked. The whole sewer drain for the house is blocked, and is backed up into the toilet on the bottom floor. Sewer water is leaking dripping from the basement ceiling under the bathroom onto machinery and freezer - ick! Call Roto-Rooter, their emergency plummer arrives at 11 PM. 90 degrees heat. Wet stinky towels in buckets with bleach and water for later washing. The drain gets unplugged, the toilet drain seal in the downstairs bathroom is still broken and will be fixed later. By midnight we can flush toilets and take showers, but by then I am the only one awake. Sweating and awake. What blocked the drain? We don't know, but an ipod is missing from the party we had 2 days ago. Did someone flush it? Will we ever find out? This has happened before.

(Rapport från en skurhink is the title of a famous Swedish book by Maja Ekelöf)


PP said...

OK, so the ipod was an ice cooler!

LS said...

Was the cooler filled with melted ice? I hope not! Good news though!