Thursday, August 12, 2010

Flyg, vackra ekorre, flyg! (fly, squirrel, fly!)

It is a good thing to stop the car to take photos of a beautiful landscape, because you never know what you will find and see. In the Pine Barrens, where we picked blueberries about a month ago, we saw this flying squirrel busily eating away on an immature pine cone. He/she didn't care much about us, and just ate and ate. You can tell it apart from the regular grey squirrels because of its smaller size, red tail, and larger eyes with white around it. Gorgeous animal!

Update - it isn't a flying squirrel, it is a red squirrel (or pine squirrel), as pointed out by the ever-knowledgeably Mr. Lebo. 


Mr. Lebo said...

Wonderful photo, but I'm afraid that red-tailed little nut eater is no flyer. Flying squirrels are the vampires of the squirrel world; they are strictly creatures of the night (they will also suck you dry before before you can say Bullwinkle, or so the legends say).

This darling mammal in your pick appears to be an American red squirrel or sometimes called pine squirrel, because they do indeed love to munch on pinecones and not much else.

LS said...

Really!? Well, that is still cool! I am going to update the post...

Pine squirrel, what an appropriate name!