Thursday, January 14, 2010

Winterbirds in Sweden

Goosander has stayed where there is hole in the ice this winter. The male has green head and the female is brownheaded. They are big and so beautiful.

Waxvings are found in southern Sweden only in the winter. They breed in Lapland in the north.
Fieldfare is a very common bird this winter. They fly between rowan trees in the thousands and eat the rowanberries.


LS said...

Fantastiska bilder! Underbart vackra!

Wonderful photos! They make me miss Sweden in winter, especially the wax wings. Here in New Jersey we see the wax wings in June when they eat our berries on the tree outside the kitchen. They come every year and only stay a week or so.

EH said...

Underbara bilder AnS. Hoppas få några fina tavlor, det här är fina motiv.

EH said...

få se tavlor menade jag , inte få.