Sunday, January 3, 2010

Most recent gadget - bomb proof?

Please welcome our most recent member of our household, the All American Pressure Cooker that I got as a Christmas present. This is not your regular Swedish pressure cooker, this is a bit more exaggerated. You can use it for regular cooking, but also for sterilization of glass jars of preserved fruits, jams, pickles, and tomato sauce (etc.). Canning is in, here in America. No more filled up fridges with 6 jars of Swedish-style pickles! No more dozens of plastic containers with tomato sauce in our freezer. Now it can all be stored at room temperature on a shelf after sterilization. Note the six heavy-duty bolts, and the gauge that goes up to 15 psi. The cooker is about 30 cm across and can take up to 7 jars at the time I think. You can also make beef stew and all the other good foods in it, but they warn you specifically not to cook split pea soup in it - it will clog up the valve :). Thanks PP, for a great Christmas present!


Mr. Lebo said...

I don't know, but it sure looks like somewhere a Los Angeles Class nuclear submarine is missing a critical piece of equipment.

Can with care.

AnS said...

Det är jättebra med tryckkokare, man kan få mört kött av högrev och märgpipa. Det blir saftigt och gott. Det har inte funnits några att köpa i Sverige vilket upptäcktes när min gick sönder. Men på måndag annonseras en tryckkokare i en affär för 600 kr. Kanske dags att köpa en ny.