Saturday, December 6, 2008

Theme of the Day: Bacon

Why is bacon so good? And it is really good, in 'lagom' doses! And not only humans like bacon.
I wonder if there is a stamp with bacon for our Stamp of the Day series, I have to go out and look on the internet. But first, Saturday work around the house and errands... (PS. The LOLcats are from here).


MLB said...

How about bacon floss?

they also have bacon wrapping paper and bacon car air freshener.
(and yodelling jumping lederhosen)

Also, I found an interesting recipe for brownies with bacon in them.

"You're a fool if you don't like bacon"

LS said...

Wow, bacon floss - I am deeply impressed. My personal food favorite is bacon-wrapped grilled scallops.

MLB said...

Here is a link to the bacon brownies. If you ever make them please do write a review. I just can't let myself do it.

LS said...

Hello MLB! I know someone in this house that would die for bacon brownies - AREA, maybe you should try this recipe for the party next week. Not sure the combination is my thing :); gives me the same feeling as imagining pickled herring with vanilla sauce. If AREA makes them, I promise to post a review.

Here is a link that works to MLB's posted recipe.

MLB - if you want to know how to post long links so they don't get cut off, look here.