Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sankta Lucia

Merry Lucia everybody! Today is December 13, a very important day in Sweden's Christmas traditions. This photo is from last year, this year we are lagging behind. No tree, no decorations, no planning yet. It is time to get up to speed...


EH said...

How is the Christmas coming LS? Do you get the house decorated this year? Inside I mean, I don´t think you´re the type that put lightsbulbs all around the house on the outside.

LS said...

Christmas has not yet started, we are far delayed. We have a tree, all naked inside, that we cut at a nearby Christmas farm (local, local!). The cats drinkout of the water basin at the bottom and are eagerly waiting for their Christmas party when they can bat around all the ornaments. All nice ornaments has to be up on top. We will decorate it this weekend. We will put some lights outside, but not many. I made a wreath for the porch of conifer needles and holly.

We have been planning the dinner and I got wild Alaska sockeye salmon for the gravlax and PP ordered a local organic ham from a pig that lived its life outside only a few miles from us. Of course we will have brown cabbage (brunkål), meatballs, herring, potatoes, and much more too.

And risgrynsgröt (rice porridge) with whole almonds, the kids love that! We do the rhyming too, so whenever someone eats an almond they have to say a homemade rhyme. I'll take some photos of tomtar in New Jersey and post here later ;)