Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bathroom no more!

We are a week into our bathroom renovation and this is the progress so far. They have spent a week breaking down and tearing up the old floor and putting in new pipes. Yesterday they put the first concrete back into the grooves with the pipes and maybe, tomorrow they will raise the new walls to the extended bathroom.

It´s the old floor and roof that is standing in the lower part of the pic to stop the children from playing with the tools.
It´s a fine dust in our house, but we´ve used a lot of plastic to stop some of it. It works pretty good.
Before they started we sawed through the bedroom wall and made a new door opening, since the old one ends up in the new bathroom. This is what it looked like before they started to tear down everything.
See the line on the floor? This is about where the new wall will be. The washing machine will be in a niche and we´ll have 2 sinks and a bathtub. The window will be smaller, to fit a future shower corner.

Our new bedroom door ...without door and the old door opening.

To be continued.


LS said...

And after mess comes delight! I am glad you are getting a bigger bathroom - we need one too. And you have a bathrub - boy am I jealous!

Olle said...

Tough. But it will probably be nice in due time.

EH said...

Well, right now it´s not too cosy at home. I spend a lot more time in our addic room, now. As Janne says, "omvänd gillestuga", på vinden istället för i källare.

It will be wonderful to have a new bathroom and I must say that they keep the tempo up, it´s not lazy business. I´m just happy we didn´t decide to try something like this on our own! Building a walk-in closet is more my level of expertice, or rather AS expertice. Because she did all the thinking and calcutating.

PP said...

so what is the latest on the bath renovation?