Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Giant insects rescued at the brink of extinction, literally

Amazing story from other side of the Earth, where the largest stick insect ('vandrande pinne' in Swedish) has been rediscovered living on an isolated island under a bush.  Link here to article.
[Photo by Granitethighs from Wikimedia, Creative Commons license. Thanks for letting us use it!]


Sarah said...

I am "friends" with NPR on Facebook, saw this posting a few days ago, and bookmarked it to read later, but it was your blog post that reminded me. What a great story!
I wish they had a picture of the tree lobster couples sleeping like some human couples do - that might melt the hearts of the Lord Howe Islanders. (Or not - sometimes I have to remind myself that other people do not have the same feelings about insects as I do.)

LS said...

Giant fleas on dinosaurs? I haven't heard about that one, have to look it up.

You know, even if these insects don't bite, I wouldn't want to meet one in my bed at night. But they can certainly be allowed to live in my garden under bushes.