Monday, February 27, 2012

Bacon bits and pieces on the internet: green stuff

Art glass series I love green things, both alive and very dead. But not mold. Molded green glass is OK though. (From the American Glass Museum in Wheaton, photo Vilseskogen on Flickr - more glass photos here)

More green things:

Green sushi for cowboys, kind of: picklelicious by The Good Wife (check out the photo)

Nathan Strandberg and Katie Kirk has some really nice green illustrations, except those that know me know that I don't eat celery...  This is so retro 60s and 70s to me.  I never thought I would like these shapes and colors again, after a giant overdose when I grew up, and now I do.  Fads go in circles. Even orange and brown is back with a vengeance.

There are green book trees for your wall (from Shawn So in South Korea)

And I think I could live at Green Bridge Farm (if it wasn't in Georgia, USA, too hot!), but I like the idea of smaller houses with some privacy with a common vegetable farm and pond...   pick your house here (pdf file).

And here is something partly green that I do not want in my house, even if it is crazy in a way. 

green chairs in Stockholm

And some very green chairs from a restaurant in Stockholm (photo Vilseskogen on Flickr).


PP said...

about the illustrations...I'd like to compare them to the stuff from the 70's. While at first glance they have the right look, I think that either on purpose or just by the fact that they were made now they look "different. Not better or worse, just more "modern". I really like them however.

AnS said...

När jag skulle bli transplanterad så läste jag att grönt hade en livgivande efekt. Så jag fyllde mitt rum med gulgrön duk på bordet och gröna planscher och konst. Det var en mycket rogivande och stärkande färg för mig. Jag överlevde. Jag tror att färg påverkar oss mycket. Tänk att gå i en grön skog, ett blått hav och oranga fjällhedar på hösten. Visst känns det.