Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

chili lights, originally uploaded by Vilseskogen.
I got so many useful christmas presents this year - A french cork screw, a rain gauge for the garden, and a watering can! All extremely needed. But I also got some things for the soul, like Lynd Wards wordless novels of wood engravings, which we had seen some of during our visit to the Michener Museum of Art in Doylestown a weekend ago. Amazing things, I'll show you later on the blog.

In our kitchen PP's New Mexico heritage is showing with the glowing chili-shaped lights around the window, and outside the cats are chewing on the sharp holly leaves (who said cats were smart?). For dessert our amazing neighbor brought over the most amazing chocoloate cake with raspberry sauce - mmmmm! That has become a tradition. We fed him and his wife some homemade gravlax in return, but I have a feeling we owe them some more...

Not a snowflake in sight here in New Jersey, but it is supposed to start tomorrow... and northern Jersey might get over 20 cm. God Jul everybody!

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