Wednesday, July 7, 2010

OK snapshot: Fina fisken (Fine fish)

LS comment: Very traditional Swedish summer lunch - pickled herring (matjes
type), boiled potatoes, salad, and boiled egg. This is what I grew up on,
well, we did have pancakes and oatmeal too :) (and other things). It is
great food!


PP said...

WHOOOOAAAA, what do I see here?
Potatoes served IN SWEDEN WITH THE SKINS ON? Is nothing sacred?

LS said...

At home we nearly always had the skin on and then you peel it at the table, unless you were a hardcore Swede. But fresh new potatoes in June were never peeled since the skins were so thin. Now in restaurants the potatoes are often peeled. Who knows what is sacred in Sweden anymore... it is one of the most secularized countries in the world, even when it comes to potatoes, the national vegetable.