Thursday, July 22, 2010

Face your pocket

I found this on the web through a link in a newletter from the swedish website FOTOsidan for photographers. Great website by the way, but for now the topic is "Face your pockets". A project to inspire people to empty their pocket on a scanner and make an arty self-portrait. You can see more photos here and upload your own.


LS said...

Hmmm, I only have keys on my pockets right now. Not much to show :)

But if I had to empty my handbag it would fill up a large-bed scanner!

LS said...

Hey, I found two dollars in my pocket too!

EH said...

I have a stepcounter in my pocket, it´s the same for me, my handbag is full. But if I had emptied my pockets during our mountain trip it would have been more interesting.

Band-aid, candy (Ahlgrens bilar), compass, batteries, nice stones, a string, mosquito-repellent, keys, cell phone, camera, binoculars, mittens, a kids hat, extra socks for DH, raisins, empty plastic bag for finds, etc.

I think I know why outdoor clothing are ecquipped with many pockets!