Monday, May 24, 2010

A Swedish classic on the likelihood of nuclear power disasters

This video of Tage Danielsson shows one of his most classic dark-comedy monologues which he made right after the nuclear failure at Three Mile Island in Harrisburg, USA in 1979. This was in the middle of the campaigning in Sweden before the national referendum if Sweden should develop or undevelop their three nuclear power stations. It is too bad this is non-translatable, it is a fantastic linguistic peace of work. The main point is that the accident at Three Mile Island was so unlikely that it really couldn't have happened, or... It is a big play on words, and the victims of his jokes are mainly the Social Democrats who led Sweden at the time. So this is for you Swedes that read this blog! Enjoy! (Swedish blog about Tage)

"Utan tvivel är man inte klok" = "Without doubt you are not intelligent" (quote from Tage Danielsson)

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