Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bits and pieces found scattered around the interwebs

How about an ant farm as a piece of art?  Hugh Hayden makes and sells them.

Or you could get a 1700 lbs (820 kg) concrete chair for your garden or street (by Nola from Sweden).

I have a feeling I am the only reader of Sköna Hem, a Swedish interior design magazine online, who is getting tired of the all-white interiors of featured Swedish homes.  What is it with people, are they afraid of color?  Have they never heard about the Swedish word 'färgglad' (color happiness).  All the blinding white hides the details of the gorgeous old houses. More color to the people!

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AnS said...

I aggree with you. White funiture is sadless and seems to be dirty very quick. How better is it with color. The wall can be in light color so you can have picture there. Have people no fantasi and visions.