Saturday, November 14, 2009

Stamp of the Day: Ice on the moon and snowflakes in Sweden

Yesterday, NASA reported that they have the first solid evidence for ice (from water) on the moon. Now we know there is water on both Mars and the moon, soon I think we will hear there are little bacteria-life things living there too. DNA can survive space and be transported from a planet to another through asteroids, so why not - life on other planets than Earth is quite likely I think. The first life on Earth wasn't living in an oxygen-rich atmosphere, it survived in what we think are hellish environments - boiling acid mudpots, deep-sea hot vents, methane gas filled environments, and other places of what we now think are extreme environments because we are used to the extreme oxygen-rich environment we live in. But it appears that early life on Earth at least was dependent on water. This is all very exciting - congratulations NASA!

The stamp of the day are ice crystals (snow flakes) on Swedish stamps.

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Sarah said...

How interesting!