Thursday, November 5, 2009

Offensive holiday

Today is National Men Make Dinner Day here in the US. True. Need I say more? I hope not. It is offensive to both men and women that this holiday was even contocted and part of the calendar, I think.

What we had for dinner tonight, mostly leftovers:
chili oil rubbed poissons (little chicks)
smoked pork chops
caramelized onions cooked in apple cider
mixed greens salad
black beans cooked with smoked pork neck bones
Mmmm, it was all good.


PP said...

I wonder how many men made pheasant and brussle sprouts with chorizo and garlic and onion and wild rice with red cabbage? OK I got some help tonight from LS. I really don't know the country, or world I live in sometimes....

LS said...

I bet about 1 man did that last night. The pheasant was good!