Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring has sprung!

(Nasty alien weed in the US = amazingly pretty wildflower in Sweden;
Ranunculus ficaria, fig buttercup, svalört)


jane said...

Are you sure about the genus here? If this is what is all over the place up here in early spring I believe it is watercress... but perhaps I am mistaken... /jane

LS said...

hi Jane,

Yes, definitely sure about the genus. It isn't watercress, which is in a different family (Brassicaceae). This is the butter cup family (Ranunculaceae), and plants in this family are often very poisonous. So I hope you haven't been trying to eat your 'water cress' :) There is watercress here too, but that species doesn't have these large yellow flowers and the leaves are different.

Look here: water cress