Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Review of latest delivery from Sweden

OK, I have to admit. Licorice candy is food. Seriously. And my wonderful brother O.K. sent me some incredibly interesting and innovative licorice candy from the store Lakritsroten (the Licorice root) in Stockholm, Sweden (thanks!!!!!!!!!). But someone needs to tell the people at Lakritsroten that the flower they have as their logo IS NOT from a licorice plant. Licorice roots are not that exciting so I understand their desire to have something nicer, but the flower isn't even from a bean plant in the same family, Fabaceae. Come on, Sweden is the home of Linnaeus and botanical classification, you can do better!

If you want to visit, they are open 11.30 Am to 6 PM on weekdays, and sometimes on Saturdays, and they are located in the old beautiful neighborhood of Odenplan (Odengatan 15). O.K. sent me a wonderful assortment and here is my review.

Djupur. Icelandic licorice. Yes it exist! This candy was covered in crispy white surface, with chewy licorice under, quite wonderful. Highly recommended. I think the name means Deep or something like that, and it is quite appropriate.

Yummy! Lakritstryfflar - licorice truffles. Larger-sized softish salmiak-crusted licorice balls with an even more softish inner center. A great thing and something I had never had before. Definitely worth trying. PP thinks salmiak (ammonium chloride is the equivalent of diaper smell, so some people must lack the gene for this great candy... :)

Now this was the best. "Lucifer - med chiliextrakt" - Lucifer with chili pepper extract. This was great except for that the soft pieces melted together into a giant soft ball during the trip across the Atlantic. You had to pull them apart as far as it goes, and consider the rest a giant piece of chewable licorice. Wonderful taste of the chili pepper - I loved it.

Snusmojänger - Snuff thingies. I don't think I need to elaborate a lot on something with that name, right? :) Hard, sweet, licorice, and brown. Wonderful....

Salmiaklinser (salmiak discs) from Holland. Maybe that is why they were small, dry, and not so exciting. Ha, sorry all Dutchmen. You do make great licorice.


Olle said...

But the shop is on Mariatorget on Söder, isn't it? Or are there several of them?

LS said...

We will have to ask the source, O.K. But it says Odengatan on the bag....