Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sweden is getting hotter

.....but not the weather. It's the food. My favorite mustard is made by Johnny's, and look what I found in the store!

Mustard with mango & habanero, mustard with chipotle & black pepper, ketchup with habanero and hamburger sauce with red onion & bacon. 
I will have to try them!


LS said...

Wow - jalapeno ketchup! I have not seen that here in the US. And bacon mustard... can't be wrong! :)

Mango seems to be very 'in' too right now.

LS said...

I meant bacon dressing, not mustard. Now, maybe we do need a bacon mustard?

AnS said...

Bacon mustard, must be delicious!

Kriz Rogers said...

Johnny's is my favorite Swedish mustard and I'm happy to see there are even more varieties to choose from now! Thanks.