Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Skogspromenad - A walk in the Swedish fir and spruce woods.

Yesterday I took a walk in the forest, and I felt so relaxed. High and strong stood the fir trees and mosses and lingonberries were growing below. On the spruce forest floor the blueberry bushes were light green and the berries were on the way, almost ready to pick. I had a pre-taste, since I found a few blue ones among the green, not yet ripe, ones. I love the Swedish woods, despite the fact that it has pretty few species; I think fir and spruce stand for about 80 % of the trees growing in the Swedish woods.

Over it all were the white fluffy clouds and blue sky, and you could hear a raven call out.

A old saying comes to mind:

Lyss till den granens sus, vid vars fot ditt bo är fästat.

[translation:  Listen to that spruce's sound, by which feet your home is tied.]

Only two or three generations away, all Swedes were living close to the nature. Not so much today.

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