Friday, August 30, 2013

Stamp of the day: Compass

Sometimes you get a feeling of being lost, in a country, in the woods, in society.... when you do it is good to have a compass, whether it is a real one or an inner one. Compasses stands for direction, continuity and safety, at least for me. In these days, when GPS has taken over the world´s all traffic direction, lighthouses are endangered and people don´t look at maps anymore.

I would not part from my compass (or map), and keep it with me when traveling. Sure, I use my GPS, but electronic devices can malfunction. My compass does not, even though a magnet could affect it and set you on a wrong course (NEVER put your radio under the deck of the kayak, and the compass on top.....).
This is a new stamp from the Swedish Post Office.


LS said...

Nice stamp, Sweden! I remember the old compass in the wooden box that was mounted under the round glass window in the back deck on the sailing boat. I bet that still exist in the family collection in Sweden.

Most teenagers today can't tell East from West (when driving) and very few can use a compass for navigation on land, or use a topographic map. We don't teach it anymore... but you are right, when the GPS fails, then you will need those non-electronic skills.

EH said...

Lhis compass is also very similar to the one that was on our sailing boat, mounted under a glass window och the desk by the rudder. Do you remember, LS?
We have unfortunaltely no clue where it is.