Thursday, August 1, 2013

In Louisiana, the fern weeds climb the walls

Oh New Orleans, what a city of contrasts and mixtures! Weedy invasive ferns climb high up on buildings, and tall palms line the streets shading the street cars (spårvagn in Swedish).

One building is a fancy marble floor oyster bar and next door is an cutting fluid-smelling machine shop making iron railings and turned metal posts.

The smell of fried oysters and cooking gumbo is mixed with urine in the gutter from the night before, and spilled beer and smelly shrimp shells in the garbage bags that not yet hasn't been picked up that morning. Still, it is a fascinating and wonderful place to visit.

I want to go back and eat more seafood, drink more chicory coffee and see more alligators and crazy large insects. And the MUSIC! Nothing to dislike there.

OK, it is hot like a wet sauna, and people are friendly on a very pleasant but a little unusual way - being called darling, mam, princess and other things by waiters is not what I am used too. :).

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