Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Old daffodils

I visited an old mansion a few days back, with an old overgrown garden and park. My interest was to see if there where any old bulb plants left, and it was! Large stands of narcissus, scattered daffodils and peonia rugs where visible. The narcissus I found was a kind I never seen before. A Google search later I think it could be A narcissus called White Lady. It's known in cultivation before 1927, but the origin is not known. It is the big white one with a yellow trumpet.

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LS said...

Nice - I like when these plants stay year after year long after people and sometimes also buildings have left.

We got an e-mail from one of PP's friends that read this blog who said his parents had the same or a very similar daffodil growing at their house in Ohio. It is not farfetched to think that people brought bulbs with them or had them sent over from Europe when they immigrated to the US.

All our daffodils are done here in NJ now, instead we have viburnum, irises and the red columbines.