Sunday, May 5, 2013

A little oasis in Washington DC - Dumbarton Oaks garden

We visited Washington DC two days this past week and in the middle of this busy, self-important and rather abstract city of lawyers, lobbyists, politicians, administrators in massive federal buildings  and regular people that just try to make ends meet, is a little oasis of green.

The old Dumbarton Oaks estate is on a hilltop with old ancient trees (well, maybe only as old as the city, a couple of hundred years), and landscaping that reminded me of the gardens at Chanticleer in Pennsylvania, another favorite of mine.

Here are some photos of this wonderful place.  The wisterias and dogwoods were in bloom... Visit if you can.

ancient japanese maple

Wisteria in bloom

Wisteria in bloom

cut flower garden

old door to garden house

brick road

Pebble garden

the pool

Japanese maple


kv said...

Ahhhh, blåregn, underbart!!!!!!!!!!

EH said...

Fantastic pictures LS!

I wish we could have Wisterias, but the do not cope our winters. Sadly, my Buddleja did not either...

EH said...

correction :they do not...