Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Art, art, art...... from the capital

A little less than a year ago I was visiting Washington DC and took a few hours to visit some of the amazing museums they have here.  Here is just some quick snapshots of some great art and design I saw, for your enjoyment:
Neil Jenney: Coat and Coated
Neil Jenney's 'Coat and Coated', Corcoran Gallery.  This is a self-referential piece of art.

John Garret: Mixed media
 John Garret's 'Mixed media', Renwick Gallery.  Metal quilting...

Nest of Fifteen by Darryl and Karen Arawjo
Darryl and Karen Arawjo's 'Nest of Fifteen' handmade baskets, Renwick Gallery.

Larry Fuente: Game Fish
Larry Fuente's 'Game Fish', made from toy pieces mostly, Renwick Gallery. 

Michael James: Quilt #150, Rehoboth Meander
'Michael James' 'Quilt #150, Rehoboth Meander', Renwick Gallery.

Stairs inside the Museum of the American Indian.

facade, like a rock wall of sedimentary rock
The outside of the Museum of the American Indian, designed as a sedimentary rock wall.

Freer Gallery
Window into the courtyard of Freer Gallery.

Which one is your favorite?

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