Sunday, September 9, 2012

Textiles from the past

Earlier this summer I had to change the fabric on my kitchen sofa. The blue checkered is my old fabric, probably made in China, bought in IKEA around 15 years ago. Under that was the stripes one, in white with yellow, red and blue lines. Might be bought, but probably home woven on a loom. Maybe my grandma did weave this, since I got the sofa from her and she knew how to weave. The next is certain to be home woven, brown, okra and black in patterns. To my surprise the oldest fabric is a printed one, with lovely roses, very romatic feel. The rose fabric I left on, and a new Ikea-fabric on top. This time striped in white, blue and red.

Maybe some day I can put a handwoven fabric on the sofa. My grandma´s loom is out of the barn and put into the guesthouse. I have decided to try to learn how to use it, with some good help from my aunt. Lots of new terms to learn, I´m reading up in borrowed books.


AnS said...

The sofa was in the kitchen in your grandfathers oldest smal red house in S......a. It come from the earlier owner and can be very very old.

LS said...

It is amazing all that history in those fabrics, not just the history of when it was made, but since then. All the butts that have been sitting on it, talking, living, thinking.... "about what?" I am wondering. Great post, EH!