Friday, September 21, 2012

My blue garden

Just some photos from our vegetable garden, safely secured inside 3 m tall deer fencing. Photos of the harvest is coming soon too. Enjoy!

blue garden funnels
white ceramic lab funnels with glass and marbles

Ball and chain
an old wooden pasta stirrer with a giant glass bead

blue garden - bottle bottom with glass
upside down blue glass bottle with glass pieces on top

 Indian glass
Indian glass beads hanging over the tomatoes

 garden views - painted olive cans
blue-painted old olive oil cans

 bird bath - oyster shells, insulator, glass, and enamel
our bird bath with oyster shells, glass, and an old glass insulator. The little white enamel container is there to keep at least some water in it - the bird bath seems to leak, or maybe the water is just evaporating too fast.The dragonfly mosaic was a wedding present from our friends in Arizona.

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