Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sun, sky, and sea in Sweden

The weather here in Sweden has been fantastic - clear blue early spring skies with not a drop of water from above.  Frost in the grass in the mornings, and then up to 8 degrees C (about 14 degrees F or so).  Yesterday we went to the small coastal town of Skarhamn, which is home to the Nordic Watercolor Museum, built right on the sea.

Nordic Watercolor Museum

The deck on the outside of the museum is gorgeous, and no railing anywhere.  This is not an American place.  If kids fall in the water, then it is the kids and the parents fault for not taking care, not the museum's fault.  I think that is very sensible...  People should be responsible for their actions (and their kids), and not blame 'the devil and his aunt' (that is a Swedish expression, quite good, it means you blame anybody else but you).

pink granite cliffs with lichens at the sea
The rocks here are of warm pink granite, shaped by the ice age into round forms. Lichens are everywhere and of many shapes and colors.

art studios for rent
You can rent these studios to live and paint in, as a little art colony. 

looking down into the shallow sea water (with sunlight)
The sea water is incredibly clear - this is looking down from the deck straight into the water.  The white is the sunlight on the water surface.

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