Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gothenburg's Horticultural Society - an oasis in a city

In the middle of the Swedish city of Göteborg (Gothenburg) is a park owned and managed by the old Horticultural Society (Trädgårdsföreningen - look, they got all the umlaut vowels into that word!).  It has a large rose garden, a little charming cafe, lawns and old trees as well as an old Victorian conservatory.  We spent some time here last weekend, enjoying the spring sun and outside temperatures only a handful above freezing.

telegraph pole trees (spaljerad)

Trees formed like American telegraph poles is a very western European thing.  I think these might be beeches.  In the background is the cafe building.

spaced succulents

Succulents are awaiting warmer weather in their sandboxes in one of the transplant houses. I liked the organized way they were planted. Doesn't it remind you of an army on a square someplace?

The cafe is in the old wagon barn, tall ceilings, old brick floor, and very vintage furniture.  Creaky chairs! 

capuccino and flourless chocolate cake

The cappucino and the flourless chocolate cake with real whipped cream was great.  MiracleWhip and other synthetic white frostings don't exist in Sweden, so real food rules.

Camelia (kamelia), Theaceae

In the greenhouse is one room all filled with camelias, wonderfully scented even if a bit overpowering if they flower all at the same time. There were bumblebees in here too, which must live in the greenhouse.


The aquatic greenhouse is gorgeous.  An old square pond in the center, hanging tropical pitcher plants above and ferocious snakehead fishes in the water below.  There are warning signs not to put your fingers in the water or you will get bitten.  I was surprised they had put in snakehead fishes since they are invasive and horrible, but apparently they were there to eat the cichlids that were eating the waterlily leaves.  Oh, all the tings we do to control nature!

floating Salvinia (vattenväxt)
Some floating aquatic plants, mostly water lettuce (Pistia).

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