Monday, December 19, 2011

Bits and pieces from the internet: stringy edition

The Ford Focus orchestra, a must see: LINK
Update: More info on the Ford Focus orchestra here.

And here is a stringy favorite! Check it out. (I love the sightings.)

I believe Sweden still is String Cheese free.  That is good for them. Except, maybe Swedes can buy it now.  I just read on the all-knowing Wikipedia that is actually comes from Europe.

Let kids make things with strings, and other things.  Make them into makers.  (Wired)

Real packages uses string. Except the US post office do not allow string anymore.  It is all tape, tape, tape....  (Shorpy)


PP said...

I remember when I lived in Brooklyn and took my shirts to the local laundry, they came back packed perfectly in brown paper wrapped with string.

And is that Focus thing for real? Did they really make the instruments???

LS said...

Yes, the orchestra is real. Check the updated link above!