Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bits and pieces from the internet: Scandinavia edition

It is strawberry season in Sweden.  And Swedish strawberries are local, red all the way through, and much tastier than any strawberry you can buy in a store here.  Only at the farmer's markets can you find anything like it in the USA.  Story from Serious Eats here.

The vikings Erik the Red and his son Leif Eriksson had amazing lives and journeys.  You can read about them here on this website about stamps, with great philatelic illustrations.  Their viking boats are also featured.

If you read Swedish, I highly recommend Olle Wästberg's monthly newsletter about issues in culture and politics that connect USA and Sweden.  He served as the Swedish consul in New York for several years, and has worked very had on promoting Swedish design, music, art and theatre and other export industries. You can sign up on his website.

Not one but TWO hotels from Sweden were featured among these crazy places to stay. Which hotel would you pick?  The sewage pipe ("cardboard box! you were lucky!"), tree house, or ice hotel?

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