Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stamp of the Day: A Swedish horse for AREA

A Ford Mustang convertible from the 1950s, and red of course. This Swedish stamp came in 2009, and American 1950s-1960s cars are still very popular in Sweden.


AREA said...

WOW! but why is this on a Swedish stamp? haha did America have Volvos on their stamps?

LS said...

OK, correction from me - the first Ford Mustang was released in 1964, so this is a 1960s Mustang, not 1950s.

Sorry AREA, no Volvo's on American stamps, but they are on Swedish stamps. I guess Swedes are more generous with their stamp space, or they have fewer cars to show off! :)

EH said...

This stamp was in a collection of "Classic cars", with Cadillac Coupé de Ville 1959, VW Typ I, Volvo PV 444, Citroën DS 19 and Ford Mustang. There were also a stamp with Volvo Amazon. You can see them all here. http://www.classicmotor.se/hortochhant/article386812.ece#